Saturday, 14 July 2007

Crunch session - Part II

We are now several hours into our weekend-demomaking-hoopla, and things are moving along. IT DOESN'T CRASH ANY MORE! Yay. :) Some optimizing has been done, but content-wise things are still in pieces. Some effects here, some basecode here. Nothing is put together yet, and it will be a long time coming too. Oh, and some other news; Snarling came along and joined in our Xbox360-demo quest as well, and his help is very much appreciated.. oh, and also; our mystery coder is joining us in Svoks appartment in about an hour as well. As the chefs say - now we're cooking with gas!

Concrete joined our crunch session to work on the mobile demo.

Concrete came to join us for our session. More coders are always welcome! He is working on a mobile demo, also for Assembly 2007, and will travel with us to the party as well. Right now, the challenge is sound playback -- it may sound boring, but it is good for us musicians to see that the coders care about this as well. :) Hopefully no bleep-sounds this year!

Concrete watches "Chaos Theory" by Conspiracy on his laptop. Yes, it runs upside down for some reason.

Oh, now the food has arrived, gotta run!


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Anonymous said...

It plays upside down on my macbook pro too! I guess we have to stick to the video release.