Friday, 22 June 2007

Picking a style

So the coding has begun, and while Kmk and Svok are focusing on getting a decent framework up and running (you know, the boring stuff :), me and Am are able to look into the fun part - pick a musical and visual style for the demo.

Am has a really unique and fantastic visual style, and the whole team really wants to "tap into" that creative energy to bring something new to our "look department" (if there ever was such a thing :)

Music-wise, I have a couple of tracks in the pipeline that might fit the demo, but we need to get more effect and gfx-ideas hammered down before I choose which track to go forward with. I do think that no matter which of the tracks we end up using, it will be a good one.

This was a little friday-night filler - more XNA and coder-specific stuff will follow.

Promise. :)


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